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Lad Research and Production Company works in the sphere of plasma vacuum technologies for decorative coatings from diverse metals and their nitride carboxide on metal, glass and ceramics products.

We offer new facing material from polished stainless steel with titanium nitride coating.

By its spectral optical characteristics, titanium nitride coating is close to natural gold and is distinguished by high weathering and mechanical strength, is more durable and much cheaper than golden coating applied by method of leaf gilding.

The technological methods used in vacuum plasma coating provide good adhesion of the applied layer to the base. Sheets can withstand multiple bending without flaking of the coating and can be used in stamping. This allows you to use this material for roofing and finishing works.



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Unique technologies of XXI century in the creation of stained glass

November 02, 2009 12:00 pm

Very often in modern interior stained glass is used. It very good idea for the living rooms. Fantastic flowers, landscapes, contemporary abstract compositions or strict classical manner of stained glass manufacturing, do not only decorate your room for receptions, but also add to it charming atmosphere.



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